Supply chain shortages have forced some aerosol filling companies to bypass mid-size customers in order to allocate limited resources to their largest accounts. Fortunately, at Cortec® Spray Technologies (CST), we have been ready with a solid supply of cans and components to play backup for mid-size customers in desperate need of spray can filling alternatives. We remain in a solid position to meet the needs of mid-size clients overlooked by other contract fillers and to accept new accounts thanks to an ample capacity of almost five million cans per year.

Spray Can Fill Options
Three options await those who come to us for aerosol filling services:

  • Contract filling of the client’s own formulations
  • Private labeling of aerosols based on Cortec® in-house formulas (choose from dozens of cleaners and rust preventative products)
  • Formulation support to design custom aerosol products

Contract Filling Process
We have experience formulating and filling a wide range of aerosol products, with a focus on cleaners, rust preventatives, lubricants, and other maintenance
products.* Here’s a brief look at how the process works for practically any product.

1. Step One: Discuss Product Details
Get started by telling us about your product or discussing our own private label chemistry options.

2. Step Two: Adapt to Aerosol Format
This step involves deciding between traditional aerosols and propellants vs. “green” bag-on-valve (BOV) EcoAir® Technology powered by compressed air. From there, our CST lab will experiment with various formulation blends to get the right product consistency for aerosol application.

3. Step Three: Choose Packaging
In addition to choosing traditional aerosol or EcoAir® cans, you will also need to decide on can size, cap color and style, and labeling (professional
lithograph options available).

Don’t Be Overlooked – Find a Contract Filler Today!
We are here to help you through the process from start to finish so that you can have a successful contract fill experience, whether this is your first or fifty-first
aerosol fill project. If you are a mid-size account plagued with dead ends from contract fillers who do not have enough supply to meet your demand, rest assured that you no longer have to be overlooked in favor of large companies who get all the options. Find a contract filler today by contacting us to get your order started:!

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*CST does not do contract filling for cosmetics or food products.

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