Cortec ® has over 500 house formulas for private labeling with custom formulating and accelerated corrosion testing available:

Automotive paste wax (rust preventing)
Automotive spray wax (rust preventing)
Brake cleaner (flammable)
Brake cleaner (non-flammable)
Contact cleaner (flammable)
Contact cleaner (non flammable)
Contact cleaner (non-conductive)
Contact cleaner (low 10% voc’s, ideal for California)
Electric motor cleaner
Circuit wash
Air dusters
Super freeze
Gun oil
Gun cleaner
Carburetor cleaner
Electric contact protector
Spray adhesive
Super glue
Grease cartridge
Rubber revitalizer
Paint removers
Gum label remover
Glass cleaner
Plastic cleanerCorrosion inhibitor additives

Laptop cleaner
DVD/CD cleaner
Engine oil additive
Engine coolant additive
Engine fuel system additive
Injector cleaner
Anti-seize paste
Flux remover
White lithium grease
Red grease
Paste wax
Spray wax
Conformal coating
Spatter shield
Gun cases (rust preventing)
Motorcycle covers (rust preventing)
Car covers (rust preventing)
Penetrating oils
Cleaner degreaser
Bar and chain grease
Food grade grease
Biodegradable cleaner/degreasers
Biodegradable lubricants
Water based paints
In-can corrosion inhibitor
Rust removers

Options Available:

House propellants:

A-70: propane/isobutene (flammable)
CO2: non-flammable
134-a: non-flammable
2 vacant propellant tanks available for customer specified propellant

Plant Capability:

Traditional A-70 aerosol
Aerosol alternative / Bag-on-valve (BOV)
Trigger spray
Bottle fill
Blister packing
Grease cartridge
Hand assembly
“Accelerated” corrosion testing / prevention

House cans & containers inventory:

Grease cartridge
55 gallon
5 gallon
1 gallon
1 quart
16 oz
12 oz
7 oz
4 oz
And smaller