Product Description

Description: EcoAir® Mold Release is a dual function mold release providing lubrication and corrosion protection to injection molds and other metal surfaces. The spray product forms a clear thin non-staining silicone coating on the mold for easier release of rubber, plastic, or metal castings. The biobased corrosion inhibitor component forms a molecular passivating layer to guard the mold surface against aggressive species, protecting it from corrosion during operation and storage.

Application: Shake well before and during use. Hold the can in an upright position 6-8 inches from the work piece and spray a light, even coating on the mold or metal surface before use or storage. Reapply if coating becomes scratched. Do not apply to energized equipment. Insert plastic extension tube into spray head to achieve pinpoint spray accuracy and minimize mist formation.

Package: Packaged in 10-14 oz. net wt. (284-397 g) recyclable aluminum cans, 12 cans per carton.

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