Product Description

Description: EcoLine® Bio-Based Food Machinery Lubricating Grease #1 and #2 are NLGI grade 1 and 2 greases for lubrication of machinery where there is the possibility of incidental contact with food. Made from natural seed oils, EcoLine® Bio-Based Food Machinery Grease #1 and #2 provide superior lubricity to moving metal parts. They show good adhesion to resist water washout and have a wide range of operating temperatures. EcoLine® Bio-Based Food Machinery Lubricating Grease #1 and #2 contain 96% USDA certified biobased content and are qualified products under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program*.

Application: Apply to food machinery or other equipment wherever NLGI grade 1 or 2 grease is needed.

Package: Available in 14 ounce (396 g) cartridges (12 per carton), 5 gallon (19 liter) plastic pails, and 55 gallon (208 liter) metal drums.

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