Product Description

Description: EcoAir® Biobased CLP is a “green” multifunctional cleaner/lubricant/protectant packaged in an air-powered BOV (bag-on-valve) spray can. Utilizing a canola oil base, it provides excellent penetrating, lubricating, and rust preventing action for industrial, shop, and home use. EcoAir® Biobased CLP can be used for many functions such as loosening rusted parts and protecting equipment components from wear and corrosion.

Application: Spray on metal parts to use for; in-plant machining, bar and chain oil, flange lubricant, locks and hinges, penetrating oil/lubricant, mold release.

Package: Packaged in 10 oz. net wt. (284 g) recyclable steel cans. 12 cans per carton.

It contains 89% USDA certified biobased content.

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