If you thought there were already too many computer chips in your car, be prepared for more! Along with the growing EV (electric vehicle) market, it is estimated that new EVs will have 3,000 or more computer chips—at least double that of today’s traditional vehicles. What happens when corrosion starts taking over? Cortec® recommends keeping a can of ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-239 at the shop to slow down the process.

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Corrosion on Automotive Chips

While some EV computer chips and PCBs are installed snugly inside the vehicle, away from harsh elements, sensors near wheels or elsewhere in the undercarriage may get the brunt of exposure to moisture and road deicing salts. Even special barrier coatings applied at the factory may eventually fail and allow corrosion to start the component’s path to decline. If not arrested in time, this can land the car in the repair shop, where the mechanic finds a corroded circuit board or sensor at the heart of the problem.

Electronic Corrosion Cleaner/Inhibitor

Using ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-239 during routine maintenance can slow down the corrosion process and buy car owners time before failure. As mechanics encounter a PCB, sensor, or chip that is starting to corrode, spraying it with ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-239 allows them to loosen and wipe off grime and corrosion products. After cleaning, the mechanic can spray a light mist over the semiconductor and allow it to dry into a non-sticky corrosion inhibiting film. This can help extend the service life of the vehicle electronic, so a replacement is not immediately needed. Periodic inspection and preventative maintenance with ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-239 before corrosion sets in is even better!

Start Combatting Corrosion

It can be difficult to keep up with new corrosion challenges that arise with new technologies. In the world of EVs and automotive electronics, ElectriCorr™ VpCI®-239 is one simple way to mitigate the problem and extend the service life of critical (and in some cases, very costly) components. Contact Cortec® today to learn more about combatting corrosion on EV electronics.

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