In the tooling and die industry, molds can cost anywhere from $100 to $100,000 USD. With many molds valued at least in the thousands, corrosion protection of intricate metal mold internals is a critical part of avoiding serious business loss. When it comes to proper mold care, EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative stands out as a convenient, cost-effective method of rust prevention.

Protecting New Molds During Shipping

Metal tooling needs corrosion protection practically from day one. The first hurdle is making sure the mold reaches the customer in like-new condition. This can be tricky, especially for overseas shipment, when fluctuating humidity and potential exposure to high-chloride moisture are real threats. EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative is an easy-to-use injection mold protection spray that can be applied for corrosion protection of molding, tooling, and dies. It forms a tenacious film on metal surfaces, repelling water and protecting against corrosive elements. Better yet, it typically does not need to be removed before using the mold—a huge savings in time and labor.

Injection Tooling Storage

Once molds are in service, proper care includes periodic cleaning and spraying with a rust preventative. Rust prevention is especially critical for molds that spend a lot of time on the shelf. Without adequate protection, rust could easily do damage that goes unnoticed until the mold is pulled out for use. EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative is easy to apply for interim protection and, as mentioned, has the ultimate convenience of not requiring removal before the mold can be used. It also provides a degree of cleaning action.

A Successful First Run

EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative was developed several years ago when a large midwestern U.S. tool and die manufacturer was looking for a corrosion solution to ship a 40,000 pound (18,144 kg) Class A plastic-injection mold overseas. Cortec® packaged one of its popular rust preventatives in an air-powered EcoAir® spray can for easy application to the mold internals. One VpCI®-309 Pouch was placed inside the mold cavity, and the mold was wrapped in MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film and traveled by boat to Europe over the course of five to six weeks. The European client received the injection molding tooling corrosion-free and was happy they did not have to remove the rust preventative. The U.S. mold maker cut tooling protection costs approximately in half compared to costs typically incurred when using traditional greases and oils, and the client asked for the same protection process going forward.

Choose Uncommon Convenience for a Common Task

EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative is something that tooling and die makers and injection molders need on a regular basis and is much easier to use than traditional rust preventatives. Contact Cortec® to find out more about proper mold care with EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative:

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