Cycling is one of the largest activities on earth, serving as both a mode of transportation and a popular form of exercise in many countries. The millions of bikes used all over the planet range from inexpensive to more than the price of a used car. Regardless of value, one thing they all have in common is the need for routine maintenance, especially to keep moving parts clean and lubricated to ensure functionality. Sometimes, this also means addressing rust.

bike maintenance

Cyclists who ride through inclement weather or store their bikes in damp conditions are at higher risk for rust, which can stiffen chains and lock links in place. EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube offers extra corrosion protection for these situations by leaving behind a tenacious moisture displacing film that clings to the surface and contains rust inhibitors. Riders with a concern for the environment will appreciate the fact that the lubricant is made with a base oil sourced from renewable crops for greater sustainability.

If rust has already set in, VpCI® Super Penetrant can help clean and loosen chain links that have already been “frozen” in place. This very light oil penetrates deep into cracks and crevices to loosen rust and trapped dirt so stiff or locked areas of the drive chain can move freely and flexibly. VpCI® Super Penetrant is also good for loosening and quieting any other squeaky parts on the bike, such as handlebar pivots or other hinge points. EcoLine® CLP, which contains 89% USDA certified biobased content, can be used as an alternative by those seeking biobased options.

Just as bicycles range in price, so the maintenance habits of bicycle owners vary from doing nothing to following a strict maintenance schedule. Whatever the case, extra rust control is sometimes needed to combat the effects of corrosive environments. In these conditions, EcoLine® Bearing, Chain, and Roller Lube and VpCI® Super Penetrant can help bicycle owners keep things rolling by lubricating and addressing rust at the same time. Contact us to get started battling rust during routine bicycle maintenance!

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